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Point Your Camera at Something Beautiful

When I was still a fledgling in my portrait photography endeavors – and even now – I would have given anything to be able to practice and learn while getting to point my camera at something beautiful!  It isn’t that easy to find models, props, fashion, and accessories; nor is it to execute hair and make-up, or procure a setting in order to show your skills as a photographer.   So, I am happy to be able to create this opportunity for others in the form of some carefully-planned and executed artistic sets and artscapes from a photographer’s perspective.   With this, you can practice and learn while building that refined portfolio you have been dreaming of creating.  And, of course, if you just want to come out and have a great time with photography, veterans and non-photographers are welcome too!

A Few More Details          

  • Organized, opened discussion with Pamela and fellow photographers throughout the day
  • One full day of styled – custom by Pamela – photo shoots with up to three vignettes
  • Styling instruction with props and model(s)
  • Posing instruction
  • Ability to publish and feature all images shot by you on your website and other personal media outlets – this requires workshop credit posted with images
  • All sessions are natural light with reflectors
  • Must bring your own camera and know how to use it, as this is not a camera instruction class

Stay tuned for the next workshop that À Vie will be offering.

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