I’m so happy you are here, so that I can share with you my custom styled Collections.

        My years of experience in design, along with my passion for photography, call me to go the extra mile and create collections of images that not only sing individually, but work cohesively as a unit. When looking through those lovely layouts in magazines, on blogs, and within other professionally executed materials, have you ever noticed they often consist of a beautifully curated collection of images?  Of course, one good image can stand on it’s own, but having finely-crafted supporting images available offers you the ability to create your own visual story and draw the viewer fully into the experience.

  Using my signature style of posing and directing to photograph the heart of someone – or between two people – and combining it with my custom-styled props and fashion, I design a collection that is created to make a grand and dramatic statement in your home, be laid out in a keepsake book, be used in invitations or cards, or enjoyed in many other  ways.  It’s that collection, from the broad scene-setting images to the lovely intimate details, that can make a visual impact when designed to work together.  There is something visually dramatic and holistic about seeing and sharing our moments from time in a collection.

Click on an image above to see for yourself just what a collection can be for you and yours!

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